“Pas à pas” - 2nd album by Aurélie & Verioca

“Pas à pas” - 2nd album by Aurélie & Verioca


“Step by step“ Aurélie & Verioca's 2nd album
(Catavento / Inouïe distribution 2015)

9 completely new songs written with 4 hands by the two accomplices and make French sing like Portuguese + 3 French versions of great Brazilian composers including the astonishing Drift , adapted from Lôro , the instrumental work of the brilliant Egberto Gismonti.

An album recorded in France and Brazil which includes the participation of big names in Brazilian music today : Joyce Moreno, Luis Filipe de Lima, Flor de Abacate, Swami Jr. and talents from the current French scene : Zé Luis Nascimento (Mayra Andrade, Sébastien Tellier, Titi Robin), Stéphane Edouard (Sixun), Médéric Bourgue (Mônica Passos, Célia Reggiani), Thomas Vahle (Mory Kanté) ...

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